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Knee Care @ Home

While knee pain is common in older age, we often see even young adults suffering from it. The severity of knee pain depends on the disorder and environment and may vary from person to person. Few common symptoms may include unbearable pain in joints, tenderness, stiffness, locking and sometimes an effusion.

Our knees absorb a huge amount of pressure & on top of it regular wear and tear takes a toll over time. As we age our muscles and ligaments get weaker , the knee's two shock absorber pads of cartilage called menisci start to deteriorate. This gets worst if you have a family history of osteoarthritis or if you're overweight. A knee injury may also add to the problems

While consulting a therapist is the most practical suggestion i can office for knee pain, following self-care activities at home can also be of great help in speeding up the recovery & age proofing your knees

1. Sit on a chair and then open and close your legs slowly ( like we do for cycling ) as there is no weight on the knee this exercise will give light exercise to knee without stressing it . Doing it for few minutes a couple of times a day will help in strengthening the knee muscle.

2. Avoid standing for long time as it adds stress to knee . Actually this applies to all people above age of 30 years, if you are standing for a long time ( due to nature of job) you are consuming the cushions of your knees faster and may have knee issues as you age . You may consider using a chair ( if possible ) or take breaks to avoid prolonged weight/pressure on the knees

3. Losing a few kilos would also help to improve the life and longevity of your knees joint .

4. Be active but avoid high-impact activities such as jogging and aerobics classes that involve jumping. Go for non-impact exercises, such as walk , indoor or outdoor cycling or using an elliptical trainer.

5. Oxygen is vital for our life and it also helps in healing , if we breath well body cells not only get fresh oxygen but also get a chance to detoxified by releasing carbon dioxide which intensifies healing process . Regular practice of deep abdominal breathing can be very helpful .

5. Exposure to Sun rays (for few minutes a day) is another excellent way of speeding up the recovery.It also helps to reduce inflammation & improves calcium absorption by production of Vitamin D

6. You may also consider Reiki ( ancient Japanese way of using universal energy to heal ) , i had knee issues a few years ago & i used Reiki to heel it . The recovery was very quick & now i can jog, run , climb stairs & do various exercises in gym without any issue . In last few years i have taught Reiki to many people for physical and emotional well-being. It is simple, safe & zero cost way to over all wellness.

While modern science today provides many options like knee transplant etc , i would strongly recommend to take care of your knees with simple natural ways . Self care is the key to graceful aging .

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2 Kommentare

Very well narrated. In today's world everyone thinks running is only option to reduce weight but they forget the harm they might cause to their knees. Thanks for explaining important message in simple terms Sunilji.

Gefällt mir

02. Aug. 2019

Excellent article . Keep it up coach Sunil

Gefällt mir
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