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Can noise cause cardiovascular issues ?

Hello Wellness Seekers , today i want to share a case study to help you understand how noise can impact our cardiovascular health .

A few months ago, John ( name changed for privacy) approached me, he was in mid-30’s and was diagnosed with various cardiovascular issues. John was already in touch with a good cardiovascular doctors, but he wanted to try Yoga & meditation as well to help him heal. As a part of process, I always try to collect a lot of data about my client before starting the program. I study their lifestyle, habits, relationship status, professional life etc. All this gives me a good picture of the eco-system they lives in and then I design a tailor-made wellness program .

During my investigation i found John’s parents were healthy and there was no family history of cardiovascular issues, although i found some areas can be improved in his lifestyle but i was sure they cannot cause the issues he was having. I was keen to know the big WHY, Why John developed cardiovascular issues so early ? As he was Melbourne based, I decided to visit his home and see if I can find anything, I saw his home is next to road and there is always a sound of vehicles, I also observed John has a habit of using headphones most of the time to hear songs. These two observations gave me a clue of what is causing issues with John.

John was suffering from Noise pollution. As per World Health Organization (WHO) estimates about a billion young people across the globe could be at the risk of hearing loss of the unsafe listening habits,they practice through earphones. Research has shown how higher levels of noise exposure were associated with increased activity in the amygdala, the area of the brain involved in processing stress, anxiety, and fear. Excess noise also increased inflammation in the arteries, a known trigger for cardiovascular problems.

We worked with his doctor and designed a special Wellness program for John covering diet, lifestyle & noise level reduction. We also designed some special Yoga & Meditation techniques to help him reduce his stress and inflammation. John showed remarkable improvement & in a few months time his doctor advised him to stop medication. John learned how to use food and life style as medicine. His determination was a key factor for his recovery, healthy lifestyle can be a natural medicine but one if one sticks to it .

Please don’t take noise pollution lightly, if you are exposed to loud noise for a prolonged period of time it will impact your health & well being. We may intellectually differentiate between noise and loud music, or justify loud music as our love for music, but our body does not differentiate it that way. Anything loud is noise to our system & prolonged exposure to it can cause a range of health problems ranging from stress, poor concentration, lack of sleep, to more serious issues such as cardiovascular disease, cognitive impairment, tinnitus and hearing loss.

So, please check out for noise pollution and save yourself & your loved ones from this silent killer .

As usual i look forward to your feedback/comments, it helps me to stay connected with you and also motivates me to share more healthy tips to help you stay healthy.

Live happily & Stay healthy

Coach Sunil

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