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The Great Water Myth

This article of mine is going to surprise a lot people. It is a "Myth Buster", so let us start

Myth no # 1 : Our body is made of 70% water .

This is not correct as our body is 0% water. It is in fact made of 70% fluids which are a high concentration of electrolytes & minerals .

Myth no # 2 : We should take 8 to 10 glasses of water daily even if we are not thirsty

Human body is designed to detect thrust,hunger, heat ,cold etc … We should drink water only when we feel thirsty,drinking more water dilutes the electrolytes & robs us of essential minerals due to frequent urination . Drinking excess water also impacts our blood pressure & can cause a heart attack . As the concentration of electrolytes and minerals is reduced our cells find it difficult to function & this impact all body activities .

Myth no #3: Drink water to reduce weight

Fat loss is not possible by drinking more water. Fats are fat solvable not water solvable .

Myth no# 4 : Drink more water to flush toxins

All toxins are fat soluble not water soluble , so no toxin will come out when you drink more water

Myth no # 5 : Drink water to avoid dry skin

Water does not help dry skin , in fact dry skin is a deficiency of vitamin A . Drinking more water can make it worst as you are loosing electrolytes and minerals .

Myth no # 6 : Sipping water at regular intervals keeps you healthy

There is a mechanism in body to notify us when to stop , but as we keep sipping every now and then the mind gets confused and it does not get a change to tell you to stop . This results in drinking excess water that causes loss of electrolytes and minerals through frequent urination .

So what is the right think to do

1. Do not be victim of marketing companies , they want to sell packaged water bottles & that is the motive behind all this propaganda .

2. Drink water only when you feel thirsty .

3.Drink it slowly ( sip by sip) so that it mixes with saliva . Mixing with saliva makes it slightly alkaline and that is good for our system

4. Avoid water during main meals or immediately after it

5. Never drink ice cold water

6. If your are carrying own water bottle , use only glass bottle

Yes our body needs to be hydrated , so eat a lot of greens and fruits that hydrates the body by providing required minerals and electrolytes .

Hope you find it useful

Take care & stay healthy

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