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Headache causes

In today’s fast life Headaches have become common and a large number of people suffer from them, i have seen many people even carry a pack of medicine to manage them. While i am not against taking a medicine for it, but if you have frequent headaches then it makes sense to find out what causes it to avoid the re-occurrence.

Here’s a list of the most common triggers

1.Stress:- Stress can cause tight muscles in the shoulders and neck, which often leads to ten­sion headaches. As per experts the pain in shoulder and neck muscles is felt by the brain as pain in the head. In addition to this, stress is also a common trigger for migraines. Keeping our stress levels in control & by adding stress reliving activities like meditation, yoga, walk with friend etc., can help a lot in reducing the stress .

2 Diet:- Some foods can trigger headache, i have seen some of my clients used to get headaches after consuming some processed foods with nitrites or mono sodium glutamate(MSG). Eating fried food also triggers headaches in some people. So next time you get a headache it is worth to wear a detective hat and identify what you ate and if that has any connection to it.

Also for some of us even hunger can also cause headache, so eat well and stay hydrated

3 Environment:- Head­aches can sometimes be seasonal as well, I have seen some of my clients complain of headaches in the spring or fall.Exposure to extreme heat and cold can also trigger headaches in some people . Our body is capable to balance itself with changing environment but it losses this capability as we age, so it would be good to avoid exposure to extreme temperatures.

4.Hormones:- Changes in estro­gen levels are associated with migraines in women, and women suf­fer from migraines more often than men. Menstrual cycles may be tied to migraine in younger women. Varying estrogen levels during pre-menopause can sometimes start migraines in women and we have seen menopause does seem to end migraines in most women.

5 Caffeine withdrawal:- If you normally consume caffeine in coffee or tea, stopping intake abruptly may trigger a migraine. This may be because caffeine causes blood ves­sels to constrict; without caffeine, the blood vessels widen and bulge out with each heartbeat—a chief reason for the pounding pain of migraines.

6. Lack of sleep. We all need 7 to 9 hours of sleep daily, sleep deprivation and sleep disorders can trigger headaches

What you can do

Headache (actually any type of pain) is the way body communicates with us, through headache body wants to tell us something is wrong and action is needed . However, if we just suppress it with pain killers then we can cause bigger troubles to ourselves in long run . Therefore, it is important to understanding the cause of headache to heal permanently , if the above-mentioned causes don't help you then i strongly recommend to seek help of a qualified medical professional, self-medications in any form should not be used for long time.

Hope you find this article useful, please leave your comments/questions if any and feel free to share the link with your friends .

Stay Healthy , Stay Blessed

Cheers !!

Coach Sunil

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1 Comment

Dec 20, 2020

Superb article . Great insights . Thank you Coach Sunil

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