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Can we reverse Diabetes

Today we have enough scientific evidence that glucose lowering medications cannot make people healthy . It has been established that Diabetes is a life style disease and drugs alone cannot cure this dietary disease .

Type 2 Diabetes simply means we have too much sugar in our bodies & the logical solution is to reduce it & for that we have 2 simple approaches

Reduce the intake of Sugar Consume / Burn off the excess sugar in your body

While the 1st one is related to what foods you need to take and what to avoid the 2nd one talks about what physical activities you can do to burn more calories without making you feel exhausted . These are the only two ways / approaches that you can reverse diabetes and for this a Health coach can be of great help .

Based on a detailed discussion and study of your life style , a health coach comes up with a list of dietary advice

to help you make right choices when it comes to eating . Additionally he also recommends simple ways to burn your excess calories while keeping low Stress levels . This way he helps an individual to create ideal circumstances that allow body to heal & become healthy again . A heath coach does not replace a doctor , he actually complements a doctor . A health coach is a habit changer that who enables you to transform your life by changing toxic habits

Book a 30 min free appointment to know how we can transform your heath , increase your energy levels & help you connect to your best Version

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