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Being Healthy for Lazy People

Hello Friends

We all know importance of being healthy in life , as a coach I have seen most of the people already know what to do to be healthy but still they don’t apply this knowledge and keep on procrastinating & delaying , the most common excuse I hear is ,” I don’t have time “ .

My today’s Blog is for my lazy friends , who want to be healthy but never take the first step as they feel it needs a lot of investment of time and energy . I would say rather than identifying big ways to improve your health and then procrastinating start with simple baby steps , the more you do them the better you feel and the more you will do . So let us get started

Motivate yourself for simple movements

If scheduling a big workout is daunting, put a simple five-minute workout on your to-do list . Try exercising throughout the day. For example, don’t just walk across your house, dance across—step lively and move your arms around. Every time you raise your arms above your shoulder , your heart has to pump harder & you will see the flow of energy around your arms , shoulder and back. you may repeat this whenever you remember during the day .

In the morning when you brush your teeth, suck in your lower gut for 30 seconds (try 4 to 5 times ) , this will activates your abdominal muscles and helps strengthen them , it also facilitates the bowl movement . While in office , every 90 minutes stand up from your chair and take a short walk around the office . Remember every movement counts , identify simple moments that you can keep on repeating whole day (as per your body) and take pride in doing them and feel the difference .

Reduce your fall risk

As we age , falls are a top cause of injury and death . A few five minute fixes at home can help reduce your fall risk. For example, hunt through your house for loose rugs, floor clutter, electrical cords, and other fall hazards that you can remove; keep pathways lighted by adding night lights throughout your home or replacing burned-out light bulbs; or rearrange a kitchen cabinet, moving items you use frequently, like plates, cups, and pantry staples, to the lowest shelf. That way you won’t need to reach up high, which may cause you to lose your balance.

Get more sleep

Our Body needs 6 to 8 hours of sleep ( depending on what work we do). During the sleep our body performs lot of activities that help in our well-being . Inadequate sleep is also a risk factor for obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, and even premature death. So every day , plan for a sound sleep by switching off all screens and electromagnetic devices ( digital clocks ,Mobile , WiFi etc ) that can interfere with your body electromagnetism and disturbed the sleep patterns . Going for a long walk before hitting bed can further help to de-stress and make way for sound sleep .

Challenge your brain

Challenge your brain by doing something new. This encourages new brain cell connections, which can help protect your memory and thinking skills. You can try learning a new language , or new words in English or start listening to new type of music . In short take your mind out of what it already knows , such situations will help to develop new cells in brain and make it healthy .

Stay connected

Socializing wards off loneliness and isolation, which are associated with declining thinking skills, depression, heart attack, stroke, and early death. Take five minutes to stay connected each day: call a friend, use a smartphone or computer app to video chat with a loved one, or strike up a conversation with workers in the grocery store (at the meat, seafood, or bakery counters). Or take five minutes to call a friend and plan a longer visit soon—lunch, a movie, or a walk.

Protect your skin

Rough, dry, thin skin is prone to tears, infection, and wounds that are hard to heal. These risks can be reduced by rebuilding the skin’s moisture barrier. Although the market is full of moisturizers , I strongly recommend to use” Organic extra virgin coconut oil “ . Coconut oil is naturally anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and moisturizing. Coconut oil is composed primarily of nourishing fatty acids and is especially high in lauric acid. It also contains vitamin E and healthy fats, which help to make skin smooth.

Breath Deeply

Every Cell in our body needs oxygen to carry out critical processes , deep breathing not only helps us to get enough oxygen to cells but also helps in removing unwanted carbon dioxide out of body . More oxygen helps in alkalizing the body and we all know germs don’t survive in alkaline environment . Deep abnormal breath also helps in de-stressing the body .


Daily take five minutes to meditate. It’s a great stress reliever that helps lower blood pressure, decrease pain, and ease depression. You can even meditate throughout the day. “Spend five minutes sitting quietly, focusing on breathing. When thoughts come to mind, decide to come back to them later .

Letting Go

Lastly, the key to be happy and healthy is in letting go , don’t hold grudges and guilt . Forgive people & yourself for mistakes .

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Mar 16, 2019

Wonderful and easy to follow

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