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Ageing & Cognitive Decline

Ageing is an integral part of life; it is a continuous process and we all age every moment. The sad part is ageing takes us closer to grave, but the sweet part is it enriches us with new experiences & memories of our loved ones. Unfortunately now-a-days getting sick is synonymous to ageing, but that is not how our ancestors lived, most of them were healthy till last moment of live. The good news is that gracefully ageing is a reality, we can be healthy even in our old age provided we take care of our body and pay attention to body symptoms.

Today i am going to talk about MCI, MCI stands for “Mild Cognitive Impairment”. Yesterday i went to see my friend after a long time & i realised he finds it difficult to remember names or words. Initially i ignored it, but as it happened more frequently i suggested him to go for a test and i was not surprised with the results, today when i scanned him we found he has cognitive decline.

If you sometimes have trouble remembering the name of your favourite movie or you’re having difficulty finding your words, it could be the result of normal ageing — or it could be a condition called mild cognitive impairment (MCI). In many cases it has been seen that a person suffering from MCI also has other mental health issues like depression, anxiety, frequent aggression .

You owe it to yourself and your family to get the facts about MCI and learn what you can do to keep your brain healthy. While mild cognitive impairment may increase your risk of later developing dementia caused by Alzheimer's disease or other neurological conditions, but the story is not that bad as some people with mild cognitive impairment never get worse, and a few eventually get better.

As per experts, although many medical conditions can cause cognitive decline, but poor lifestyle is one big cause, so if poor lifestyle choices can cause it then making right lifestyle changes can reverse it as well or at least slow down the advancement.

Apart from making good lifestyle choices, here are some tips that can help you to improve your mental health and avoid cognitive declines

  • Avoid pollution as much as possible. All type of pollution viz., air, water, noise, EMF are bad for our body, they put our body in state of stress & prolonged exposure can be detrimental to our health.

  • Stop smoking and reduce intake of alcohol

  • Eat nutrient rich food, include vegetables and fruits in your diet.

  • Stay hydrated, drink water with PH higher than 7.

  • Keep close watch on Blood sugar and blood pressure levels

  • Ensure you get good 7-9 hours’ sleep daily

  • Be physically active, a 60-minute brisk walks is all you need to stay healthy as we age.

  • Manage your stress levels.

  • Spent time with real friends (not social media), socialising with friends is a great stress buster

  • Avoid over thinking and learn to LET GO.

Lastly if any one of you has the symptoms mentioned above, you are welcome to incorporate the healthy tips, but don’t forget to see a medical expert as the issue could be due to some medical condition as well. Remember as we age, our body’s health depends on the care it receives from us .

Hope find this article useful, please don’t forget to share the link with your friends. Let us spread the awareness and help people to stay healthy as they age.

Signing off now, will connect soon with a new topic.

Cheers !!

Coach Sunil

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